Why is it Important to Update Your Web Site?

I know many web site owners work to “finish” their web site, so it can be done and they can think about other things. I’m sorry to say, a business web site is never truly “finished”.

Yes, you can include all your information, photos and keywords and feel like you have said what you need to say, but Google hates to deliver old, stale sites in it’s search results. Also, web site visitors don’t have any reason to return to your site, once they’ve seen what you currently have to offer.

So what are you supposed to do?

– Adding new products or services is generally the easiest way to add new content to your business web site. Not only will you have more to offer your customers, but you’ll be adding new keywords with the product names and descriptions.

– Editing keywords and meta-tags. These kinds of changes are not generally very noticeable for web site visitors, but they make a big difference to Google. Editing one page per month will get Google’s positive attention, and start raising your ranking, provided you include all keywords in your content without overdoing it.

– Blogging is probably the most popular way to add fresh content to your site, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t use it. If you don’t have time to post at least semi-regularly, try one of the other methods.

Whatever you do, don’t let it get stale. People are not likely to spend money on a site that seems dated.

Happy Selling!

Cathy Wagner
Owner and Project Manager
ONE STOP Internet Business Services


About onestopinternetbusiness

I am Cathy Wagner, owner of ONE STOP Internet Business Services - project manager, SEO specialist, sales writer, webmaster and online business consultant. My team of web professionals and I have helped a wide variety of online business people sell their products and services more effectively.
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